Total Lowest Cost Demonstrator

The Lowest Total Cost Demonstrator is a tool designed to help you better understand the significance of one of the most critical production factors affecting your total product cost - Yield Rate. At American Compounding we're so confident in the efficiency of our state-of-the-art processing technology that we stand behind a Yield Guarantee, which ensures you get the lowest total cost possible.

We encourage you to run a few examples on the Demonstrator to see first-hand just how much Yield Rate can affect total overall cost. Simply enter the required values into the textboxes outlined in blue to see your True Material Costs and the Real Cost of your project. Click here for instructions on how to use the Low Cost Demonstrator.

  Current Supplier American Compounding
Toll Fee $ /lb $ /lb
Raw Material Cost $ /lb $ /lb
*Yield %     %     %      *The ACS Yield Guarantee
True Material Cost
Based on Yield Rate achieved
$ /lb $ /lb
Your Real Cost
True Raw Material Cost + Toll Fee
$ /lb $ /lb

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*ACS Yield Guarantee
American Compounding Specialties will be responsible for the purchase price of raw materials and packaging for any production run with a yield rate that is less than the guaranteed yield rate that was quoted.

How to use the demonstrator

  1. Enter your Current Supplier Toll Fee.
  2. Enter your Raw Material Cost. The American Compounding Material Cost will be auto-generated.
  3. Enter your Current Supplier Yield %.
  4. Enter the American Compounding Yield %, this number is always between 95% and 99%.
  5. After you enter in all 4 values, your True and Real Material Costs will be generated.